Dr. Constance Spicero

Dr. Constance Spicero
Licensed Psychologist

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Email: constance@journeycounselingservices.com

I have been a therapist for over 25 years and have worked with a diversity of individuals, who struggled with depression, anxiety disorders, various forms of abuse and relationship/marital problems.


Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is one aspect of abuse that can be very destructive, but it seems that we tend to be unaware of the damage that it causes. Each incident is hurtful and upsetting, but we are usually told that it is "no big deal" and that we are over-reacting. Somehow, we believe this explanation. Each time we are verbally discounted, corrected or told we did not perceive the situation correctly, we lose trust in our perceptions and trust in ourselves. As time goes on, our self-esteem and decision-making abilities seem to suffer, and often depression sets in.  When this occurs, it seems that therapy may be the help we need, as we can learn to identify the cause for the depression and loss of self and self-trust.  I have worked with many emotional abuse survivors, who in therapy recognize the emotional abuse and learn how to diffuse and manage the abusive experiences.