A Good Kiss…

As he looked at her with those meadow-green eyes, her heart started to beat a little faster.  After dating for several weeks, she knew what this moment would hold.  Their first kiss.  He leaned down, looking at her to see if she would pull away, but she moved toward him ever so slightly. He brushed […]

A Lesson from my Grandfather

Living as a minority person has greatly affected the way in which I see and react to my environment. Growing up as an African immigrant in a predominately-white Midwestern community has been difficult at times. There have been moments of frustration due to cultural differences and moments of pain because of prejudgments and racism. Often […]


It’s all in how you choose to look at it…. I often find myself in situations where I’m frustrated or impatient with something little and insignificant.  It isn’t the big things that bug me, it’s the little day in and day out hassles.  Having to stop at every red light when you’re already running late.  […]


Often things are not what they seem Every once in a while, I’m reminded of the ways our assumptions can trip us up. A friend of mine works with school-age children before and after school. When the children disrupt what is going on, or hurt one another, she takes the time to speak with them […]


Criticism is like a switchblade.  It whips out rather quickly and pierces the soul before you even realize what’s happened.  While sitting around the table with a large group of individuals, one person at the table began to obliterate a colleague.  Chopping down his performance, judging his interior motivation and minimizing his contribution to the […]


In my home, we love to tell jokes.  I should probably clarify that my children love to tell jokes and I am subjected to hours of knock-knocks and some really dry riddles.  Whether they’re actually funny or not, I love the fact that laughter echoes in my home. Do you remember the last time your […]