Gary Kashale, MA

Gary Kashale, MA
Licensed Professional Counselor


Direct Phone: (605) 789-7464
Direct Fax: (605) 789-7486

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The Journey of life is one that is often filled with both moments of joy and moments of sorrow. Unfortunately for some, these moments of sorrow are either endured alone or leave couples and family members feeling as if there are no options. As a therapist I feel honored to have the opportunity to offer assistance to individual, couples, and families who are feeling stuck in the sorrows of life. And to not only present options to the struggles of life, but to also walk alongside your journey of life. 




Special Areas of Interest:

- Depression
- Anxiety
- Grief and Loss
- Couples

Other Areas of Service:

- Adolescents in conflict
- Multicultural counseling with immigrant and refugee population



Gary's introduction video

Getting Unstuck with Emotionally Focused Therapy

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