Journey Counseling Services, LLC was formed as an independent private practice by Michael E. Wheaton in July of 2014 serving individuals, couples, and families. From April, 2015 to January 2020 Mike was joined by a team of professionals to provide a wide range of mental health services for individuals, couples, and families in Sioux Falls, SD. In June of 2019 Mike opened an office in Rapid City, SD and is now located in the Clock Tower building on the west side.



Encouraging growth through experience, insight, awareness, and understanding.


Resilient people confidently embracing life’s journey.


Integrity: Walk the Talk

Living in truth and honesty with a high sense of responsibility toward self, others, and creation.

Relationship: Take a Wrist

Intentionally reaching out to others with care and acceptance to promote belonging and healing.

God Confidence: Trust the Process

Overcoming fear and embracing a “growth mindset” by trusting God’s provision for the journey.

Service: Wash the Feet

Acting with humility each day to improve the lives of those we encounter on the journey.


Journey Resource Center

Journey Resource Center is a division of Journey Counseling Services, LLC.  The Resource Center offers a wide variety of educational, training, and retreat opportunities related to counseling, life coaching, and spiritual growth.

Journey Guide Services

Through Spiritual Direction, Reiki Energy Healing, Recovery Coaching, and various outdoor Re-creation activities, we are humbled to walk alongside those seeking guidance to explore, awaken, and deepen their spirituality with the Source of all creation.  Our goal at Journey is to build up resilient people who confidently embrace life’s journey. We are here to walk with you.

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