Glorification of Busy

Our culture glorifies those who keep themselves constantly busy. Applauding those who are constantly doing and multitasking.  However, if you are always in pursuit of ‘something’ you may forget what your purpose is.  It’s easy to lose ourselves when we are constantly distracted by other things. To keep yourself from forgetting who you are, it […]

Workplace Wisdom

Be Happy At Work ~ from Avera Health Try these 8 Ways to be happy at work Enjoy the little things that happen in your day. The compliment someone gave you on the insight you shared at the staff meeting. The big smile the customer gave you when they picked up their order. Recognize your […]

Is Negativity Affecting Your Life? It’s easy to identify other people who are negative and point out what makes them negative. It’s easy to point out how their negative outlook is limiting their life and relationships.  It seems much harder to take a realistic look at ourselves.  Being a negative person can be so deep-rooted […]

Celebrating 2 Years

What a beautiful day to celebrate!! Journey Counseling Services, and its divisions; Renewing the Journey, Journey Guide Services, and Journey Resource Center; is celebrating our second anniversary!!  With grateful and humble hearts, we thank all of you who have inspired and walked with us along the path toward this milestone.  We have refilled our water […]

Hope vs Committed

Hope is a nice little word that often creeps into my conversations.  I make statements such as; “I hope I lose weight,” or “I hope to get that project accomplished.”  Yet, I am learning that the word ‘hope’ is not a good word at all, at least in the examples I just presented.  Before you […]

How Do We Hold the Tension?

The Golden Gate Bridge successfully spans 4,200 feet across the entrance to the San Francisco Bay and supports the travel of over 100,000 vehicles each day. One day, when I was driving across, I wondered: “We often ask, ‘How do we achieve balance in our lives?’ But what about the question, ‘How do we hold […]