Stop Avoiding

When we avoid situations, we continue a pattern of self-doubt and worry.   Certain situations can be associated with an overwhelming feeling of anxiety.  Such as needing to confront a situation, talk with your spouse about responsibilities or concerns, give a public speech, or doing math problems.  If your tendency is to be worried and […]

Snowpocalypse? – Embrace the Change

We live in South Dakota.  Changing seasons are inevitable.  The first snow is upon us and we’ve gone from 60 (degrees) to freezing overnight, from tennis shoes to snow boots, from jackets to parka’s, from soccer balls to snow balls and lawn mowers to snow blowers.  If this has you feeling anxious and angry, here […]

Stress Awareness

Our bodies often know what we are feeling before we do.  They are automatically responding to the situations we are involved in.  Situations that we ourselves are not always consciously attuned to.  An example of this is the body’s response to stress.  Almost everyone has become aware of their body’s immediate response to stress (i.e. […]


As I sat on the dock of a large lake a few weeks ago, I found myself mesmerized by a windsurfer out on the water. He had an amazing ability to steer and maneuver, even though the waves were choppy and the wind was erratic. Somehow, in the midst of these external forces, the young […]


FEAR – It’s Your Choice… Fear.  We all know the feeling.  Whether it’s an immediate response to a dangerous situation or an ongoing concern over something that may happen in the future, many people find themselves limited and confined by this emotion.  I want to challenge you to look at fear in two ways: Forget […]


How do you define hope?  It can be difficult to put into words.  Hope is one of those elusive concepts that challenge our ability to use concrete, descriptive words. Belief, aspiration, desire, future, and possibility are often used in a definition of hope, yet those words do little to bring about an understanding. I think […]