How Do We Hold the Tension?

The Golden Gate Bridge successfully spans 4,200 feet across the entrance to the San Francisco Bay and supports the travel of over 100,000 vehicles each day. One day, when I was driving across, I wondered: “We often ask, ‘How do we achieve balance in our lives?’ But what about the question, ‘How do we hold […]

A New Outlook on Challenges

Every event in our life has purpose.  In whatever happens, there’s always something to learn… even if it turns out to be, “I’ll never do that again!”  When things don’t go our way, it’s easy to get caught up in negative self-talk.  This causes us to dwell on the past and hold onto something that […]


It’s all in how you choose to look at it…. I often find myself in situations where I’m frustrated or impatient with something little and insignificant.  It isn’t the big things that bug me, it’s the little day in and day out hassles.  Having to stop at every red light when you’re already running late.  […]


Criticism is like a switchblade.  It whips out rather quickly and pierces the soul before you even realize what’s happened.  While sitting around the table with a large group of individuals, one person at the table began to obliterate a colleague.  Chopping down his performance, judging his interior motivation and minimizing his contribution to the […]


In my home, we love to tell jokes.  I should probably clarify that my children love to tell jokes and I am subjected to hours of knock-knocks and some really dry riddles.  Whether they’re actually funny or not, I love the fact that laughter echoes in my home. Do you remember the last time your […]

Snowpocalypse? – Embrace the Change

We live in South Dakota.  Changing seasons are inevitable.  The first snow is upon us and we’ve gone from 60 (degrees) to freezing overnight, from tennis shoes to snow boots, from jackets to parka’s, from soccer balls to snow balls and lawn mowers to snow blowers.  If this has you feeling anxious and angry, here […]