Making Relationships Work

In a relationship, even the best couples can get stuck in a rut. It takes two to make up a relationship.  It only takes one to make it a whole lot better. When couples become stuck in a rut it is hard to see where positive changes might be made.  It’s even harder not to […]

A Look Back

We are closing in on the end of another year.  Yet again the year seems to be one big blur.  With 2017 looming around the corner, I decided to reflect upon the past year and what I’ve learned. I encourage you to do the same. It allows you to pause and note any changes, progress, […]

Snowpocalypse? – Embrace the Change

We live in South Dakota.  Changing seasons are inevitable.  The first snow is upon us and we’ve gone from 60 (degrees) to freezing overnight, from tennis shoes to snow boots, from jackets to parka’s, from soccer balls to snow balls and lawn mowers to snow blowers.  If this has you feeling anxious and angry, here […]