Thanksgiving – a day when many gather to share an elaborate feast and reflect on the blessings of family and friends.  For some, it means watching larger than life balloons float down the streets of New York.  Still others look forward to football and recliners and naps.  There are, of course, those who use the […]


I recently learned that most of a plant’s growth occurs at night – in the darkness, without sunshine and warmth. This surprised me, as I assumed growth would occur in the brightness of day when the sun’s rays are reaching the leaves and warming the soil surrounding the roots. Of course most plants need a […]


FEAR – It’s Your Choice… Fear.  We all know the feeling.  Whether it’s an immediate response to a dangerous situation or an ongoing concern over something that may happen in the future, many people find themselves limited and confined by this emotion.  I want to challenge you to look at fear in two ways: Forget […]


How do you define hope?  It can be difficult to put into words.  Hope is one of those elusive concepts that challenge our ability to use concrete, descriptive words. Belief, aspiration, desire, future, and possibility are often used in a definition of hope, yet those words do little to bring about an understanding. I think […]