Thanksgiving – a day when many gather to share an elaborate feast and reflect on the blessings of family and friends.  For some, it means watching larger than life balloons float down the streets of New York.  Still others look forward to football and recliners and naps.  There are, of course, those who use the time to plan their early morning strategies for the deals on Black Friday.  Regardless of what activity you anticipate the most, most people view Thanksgiving as a time to gather with loved ones, count their blessings, and appreciate the good things in life.

In addition to your traditions and holiday festivities, I ask you to consider ways that you could say “thanks for giving.”  There are so many around us who give of themselves and their time for the benefit of others, yet rarely receive the appreciation that they deserve.  The nurses and doctors who work in hospitals providing life sustaining care for those we love.  The police officers, firefighters, and rescue personnel who give of their time to respond to our needs for safety and protection.  The members of our military who are miles from home protecting and defending our freedom and our rights.  These are just a few of the people who tirelessly give of themselves for others.

In the midst of all the negativity and fear that seem rampant in the headlines, I challenge you to find a way to show appreciation for those whose actions and deeds often go unnoticed.  Take a moment away from the turkey, the football, and the shopping to appreciate and acknowledge each other.  Whether it’s a phone call, a card, an email, or simply thanking them in person, I ask that you take a moment this Thanksgiving to identify those around you who may need some encouragement and simply say “thanks for giving.”

“Appreciation can make a day – even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.”  — Margaret Cousins


Wanda Jeffcoat, MS
Counselor, NCC, CCTP

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