A change of pace and place can energize our soul. Many of us love to take vacations, especially during summer months. We plan trips that will take us somewhere other than our home and office.  But many times, the chances we get to take a vacation seem to be few and far between.  More often […]

Celebrating 2 Years

What a beautiful day to celebrate!! Journey Counseling Services, and its divisions; Renewing the Journey, Journey Guide Services, and Journey Resource Center; is celebrating our second anniversary!!  With grateful and humble hearts, we thank all of you who have inspired and walked with us along the path toward this milestone.  We have refilled our water […]

Snowpocalypse? – Embrace the Change

We live in South Dakota.  Changing seasons are inevitable.  The first snow is upon us and we’ve gone from 60 (degrees) to freezing overnight, from tennis shoes to snow boots, from jackets to parka’s, from soccer balls to snow balls and lawn mowers to snow blowers.  If this has you feeling anxious and angry, here […]

Send Mr. Trump a Letter

  Since the election, parents across the political spectrum have told us their children are asking, “Why did someone who says mean things become president?” They weren’t sure how to respond to this question. We are taught from the time we are in preschool to have good manners: Treat others the way you want to […]

A Prescription for Pre-Election Stress

If you’re feeling stressed about the upcoming election, you are not alone. A recent bipartisan survey by the American Psychological Association found that 52% of Americans report having high stress levels due to this year’s presidential election. There’s a reason for this. For years, studies have shown that when we catch up on the news […]

When Holidays become Stressful

What to Do When the Most Wonder-full Time of the Year Becomes “Can’t We Just Get Along?” Holidays are stressful. At this time of the year, mental health crises, emergency room visits, and family violence increase dramatically. That’s no surprise. We are not at our best when we are out of our usual routines, eating […]