A change of pace and place can energize our soul.

Many of us love to take vacations, especially during summer months. We plan trips that will take us somewhere other than our home and office.  But many times, the chances we get to take a vacation seem to be few and far between.  More often than not we are left dreaming of where we might go if we ever get the chance.

Rather than waiting for the chance to come to you, rethink what a vacation means to you.  You can incorporate staycations into your everyday routine to mix it up a little.

Rather than rushing home to sit in your comfy chair and watch TV, you might take the time after work or on the weekend to go to a new spot in your own city or a nearby town.  Explore a new place, or a place you haven’t been to in a while.  Eat at a new restaurant.  Try a new activity.  Take a walk or bike ride on new trails or ones you haven’t been on in a while.

Read up on a city or country you would like to visit someday.  Learn something new about the people, history, culture, language, traditions, music, or food.  Maybe even prepare a meal based on their style of cooking.

Why wait for the fun to come to you?  It can be small things that can fit into your routine.  If you reframe how you think about what it means to try and enjoy a new thing, your life could include a new adventure every day.


Sara Kuehler, MA

Licensed Professional Counselor

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