A change of pace and place can energize our soul. Many of us love to take vacations, especially during summer months. We plan trips that will take us somewhere other than our home and office.  But many times, the chances we get to take a vacation seem to be few and far between.  More often […]

Stop Avoiding

When we avoid situations, we continue a pattern of self-doubt and worry.   Certain situations can be associated with an overwhelming feeling of anxiety.  Such as needing to confront a situation, talk with your spouse about responsibilities or concerns, give a public speech, or doing math problems.  If your tendency is to be worried and […]

Making Relationships Work

In a relationship, even the best couples can get stuck in a rut. It takes two to make up a relationship.  It only takes one to make it a whole lot better. When couples become stuck in a rut it is hard to see where positive changes might be made.  It’s even harder not to […]

Glorification of Busy

Our culture glorifies those who keep themselves constantly busy. Applauding those who are constantly doing and multitasking.  However, if you are always in pursuit of ‘something’ you may forget what your purpose is.  It’s easy to lose ourselves when we are constantly distracted by other things. To keep yourself from forgetting who you are, it […]

Is Negativity Affecting Your Life? It’s easy to identify other people who are negative and point out what makes them negative. It’s easy to point out how their negative outlook is limiting their life and relationships.  It seems much harder to take a realistic look at ourselves.  Being a negative person can be so deep-rooted […]

A New Outlook on Challenges

Every event in our life has purpose.  In whatever happens, there’s always something to learn… even if it turns out to be, “I’ll never do that again!”  When things don’t go our way, it’s easy to get caught up in negative self-talk.  This causes us to dwell on the past and hold onto something that […]