Glorification of Busy

Our culture glorifies those who keep themselves constantly busy.

Applauding those who are constantly doing and multitasking.  However, if you are always in pursuit of ‘something’ you may forget what your purpose is.  It’s easy to lose ourselves when we are constantly distracted by other things.

To keep yourself from forgetting who you are, it is important that you are intentional about how you spend your time.

  • Take the time to intentionally seek rest.
  • Take a moment to shut off from all distractions and look around you.
  • Get out of your head.
  • Listen, See, Be.
  • Become aware of your environment.
  • Be present in your surroundings rather than being distracted from them.

At least once a day take the time to log out and power down from all distractions. That means putting down the cell phone and turning the TV off.  Experience the world as it is right now. It may be a surprise to learn how much is slipping by you. This habit will show you how to better appreciate the here-and-now and life’s purpose.


Sara Kuehler, M.A.

Licensed Professional Counselor

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