According to Steve Aitchison, a writer and public speaker, “Honesty has a power very few people can handle.” As I thought about that quote, I began to look at honesty from a different perspective.  When we typically think about honesty, we look at it in terms of our interaction with others. Are my children honest about what they’ve done? Is my spouse honest about how they feel?  Does the IRS really need to know about the extra income?  (THAT was not a confession, I’m just giving examples!)

I want to challenge everyone – including myself – to look at honesty from an internal perspective, separate from our communication with others. I want to look at honesty in regard to our view of self. Are we able to be honest with ourselves?  It sounds so simple, yet it may be one of the most difficult concepts to embrace and examine. Are we able to look in the mirror and fully accept the image we see there? Are we able to look into the darkest and most vulnerable corners of our heart and accept what we find?

If the thought of doing so scares you, you aren’t alone. I think a large majority of people spend their time trying to hide, disguise, or ignore the truth about themselves. Whatever the reason – shame, embarrassment, disillusion, fear, or other reasons too numerous to mention – we spend a tremendous amount of energy and time trying to hide from ourselves. Where does that get us? Far away from our true selves, far away from the ability to change, and most of all, exhausted.

(to be continued)



Wanda Jeffcoat, MS

Pre-Licensed Counselor, NCC, CCTP

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