Why is it so difficult to be honest with ourselves and why is it also one of the most powerful tools we have? Let’s look at both perspectives… Think about this … who really enjoys the brightly lit fitting rooms in clothing stores?  I don’t know many people who want to see themselves that clearly.  […]


According to Steve Aitchison, a writer and public speaker, “Honesty has a power very few people can handle.” As I thought about that quote, I began to look at honesty from a different perspective.  When we typically think about honesty, we look at it in terms of our interaction with others. Are my children honest […]


Happy Fourth of July! Fourth of July picnics and parties will be held all across America this week celebrating the freedom that we have come to know and associate with living in the “land of the free and the home of the brave.”  Have you ever considered what your freedom really means?  We learn in […]


Breathing affects your physical, emotional, and mental health! The average adult takes 12-20 breaths per minutes and hardly ever thinks about.  When you’re excited or anxious, the rate increases.  When you are relaxed or sleeping, the rate decreases.  It’s an automatic and simple process, but the value of it is often ignored.  Since breathing is […]


We’ve been on a nature pursuit at my house, exploring all things scientific.  Our most recent discovery involved an investigation into how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly.  Sure, the chrysalis forms and hangs upside down for a while, but what is really going on inside?  A few books from the library and some National Geographic […]


It’s all in how you choose to look at it…. I often find myself in situations where I’m frustrated or impatient with something little and insignificant.  It isn’t the big things that bug me, it’s the little day in and day out hassles.  Having to stop at every red light when you’re already running late.  […]