Why is it so difficult to be honest with ourselves and why is it also one of the most powerful tools we have? Let’s look at both perspectives…

Think about this … who really enjoys the brightly lit fitting rooms in clothing stores?  I don’t know many people who want to see themselves that clearly.  I know I certainly don’t! We prefer to hide in the shadows, look away from mirrors, and avoid a sometimes harsh reality.  It isn’t just avoiding what we see on the outside…we turn to alcohol and drugs and relationships and work to avoid looking at the emotions that are lingering inside. Why?  Because I think we’re afraid.  We are afraid of reality.  We are afraid of what seeing clearly will mean.  We are afraid of not having the safety of denial.

So if it brings about fear to be honest with ourselves, then why bother?  Why go through the process of examining ourselves inside and out, if it’s only going to bring about the thoughts and feelings we’re already trying to avoid?  Because honesty with ourselves is necessary to bring about change.  Honesty is necessary for healing, for growth, for becoming the unique and gifted person you were created to be. Honesty is the only way to move forward.

There is nothing easy about it.  Being honest takes courage, it takes perseverance, and it takes commitment.  It takes a desire to know yourself – good, bad, and otherwise – so that you can set your sights on being who you want to be.  Honesty fills you with the power to be real, to be human, to accept who you are and the journey you are on.



Wanda Jeffcoat, MS

Pre-Licensed Counselor, NCC, CCTP

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