Hope vs Committed

Hope is a nice little word that often creeps into my conversations.  I make statements such as; “I hope I lose weight,” or “I hope to get that project accomplished.”  Yet, I am learning that the word ‘hope’ is not a good word at all, at least in the examples I just presented.  Before you call me out as a heretic, let me explain.  Hope is actually a passive word.  When we use that word, we are not putting any intentionality behind our goals.  It’s a blank statement that we are throwing out there. When we say ‘I hope’ something will happen, we are not coming from a place of action or intention.  Rather, it’s wishfully thinking the object of our desire will come to pass.  Brooke Castillo, from The Life Coach School podcast states, “Hope does not inspire action, hope waits for something good to happen, it crosses its fingers. It’s passive, it’s dependent.  Hope is a feeling of expectation.  It’s dependent, it does not take full responsibility.”  Hoping takes the action of responsibility out of our lives.

I have found that instead of saying that ‘I hope,” it is better for me to say that “I am committed.”  When I commit to a goal, I begin to create, explore, and move forward.  It places me in the role of being responsible to achieve my goals.  That is the shift.  Is “hope” responsible, or am I?  When I am responsible it changes the directives of my thought process.  When I frame it this way, I assume ownership of my thoughts, intentions and actions and it places me as the deed owner to the property, so to speak.  I become the one who is responsible for my future.

“I hope my goals makes me happy” becomes “I choose to be happy as I pursue my goals.”

“I hope my business grows” becomes “I am committed to working hard to grow my business.”

“I hope I lose weight” becomes “I am responsible for my health, and I will plan accordingly.”

Being hopeful is the starting point, but assuming responsibility for our thoughts and actions is how things are accomplished.


Dianne Beard, MA

Pre-Licensed Counselor

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