Advice from a Mighty Sequoia Tree

I recently had the opportunity to hike through the giant forest at Sequoia National Park.  We walked among trees that were 1000s of years old; some were over 40 feet in diameter and 100 feet in circumference.  Hidden in high groves of the mountainous sierras, it seemed as though we were walking through a majestic, […]

While on the Journey…

As a brand-new therapist, only months past graduation; I was feeling overwhelmed, doubting my decision to become a counselor, second-guessing my skill set and filled with anxiety.  To complicate the situation even more, I was attending an externship (training) for emotion focused therapy, and I was in the room with some pretty incredible thinkers.  My […]

Father’s Day

Dads are influencers Their presence in the lives of their children, at any stage, is exponentially influential.    With Father’s Day approaching, I want to give a shout-out to all of the dads out there and let you know how much you are appreciated. My heart is full of gratitude that I have amazing memories with […]

Hope vs Committed

Hope is a nice little word that often creeps into my conversations.  I make statements such as; “I hope I lose weight,” or “I hope to get that project accomplished.”  Yet, I am learning that the word ‘hope’ is not a good word at all, at least in the examples I just presented.  Before you […]

A Good Kiss…

As he looked at her with those meadow-green eyes, her heart started to beat a little faster.  After dating for several weeks, she knew what this moment would hold.  Their first kiss.  He leaned down, looking at her to see if she would pull away, but she moved toward him ever so slightly. He brushed […]


Criticism is like a switchblade.  It whips out rather quickly and pierces the soul before you even realize what’s happened.  While sitting around the table with a large group of individuals, one person at the table began to obliterate a colleague.  Chopping down his performance, judging his interior motivation and minimizing his contribution to the […]